Wood Furniture Overview

Wooden furniture has always had a long relationship with outdoor living. Whether it was the bentwood pieces from the mountain areas or the bulky redwood designs of many a backyard, wooden designs have always been popular. Teak is the predominant standard of high quality, while other specialty woods have come into the forefront as well. The companies that we carry are true specialists, perfecting their craft, offering intriguing options and responsibly investing into protecting their sustainable resources. The woods that we offer are second-to-none when it comes to wooden outdoor furniture.  Whether it is teak, ipe, or roble, all of these woods are meant to last indefinitely.  Teak is known for its natural oil content, while ipe and roble are known for their pure hardness – with these respective aspects providing years of durability and what we like to call, “heirloom quality”.  Although wooden furniture has traditionally been somewhat bland and uncomfortable, our companies are superb at creating amazing designs and with incredible comfort.  None of these woods may be painted; however the natural colors of these woods may be maintained accordingly or simply be allowed to weather to a soft grey.  Enjoy!

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kingsley bate

"Wonderful grade A teak, reclaimed teak and wicker designs."



"Our incredible teak masters, with great woven designs, too."


jensen leisure

" A superb company specializing in Ipe and Roble woods."