Grills Overview

Every home needs a grill - whether it be charcoal or gas – it is simply un-American to not grill outdoors!  We love our Big Green Eggs, the most famous charcoal grill there is, long a favorite of backyard “grill men” and competition chefs alike.  The Eggheads love their eggcessories, too, allowing you to produce all sorts of common and not-so-common meals.  Our infrared gas grills are top-notch and offer so much quality and awesome cooking power.  High quality grills with commercial-grade stainless steel construction, and even some with built-in lighting, these powerhouses can make even the worst griller look good!  Both the Eggs and the infrareds come in a variety of sizes – even some perfect to take tailgating or camping! Enjoy!


big green egg

"The best charcoal cooker ~'s time to become an Egghead!"


Saber grills

"The infrared grill that is Popular Mechanic's 2016 editor's choice. A great grill at a great price."

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 6.34.07 PM.png

TEC infared grills

"The pioneer of infrared grills, these backyard partners are built to last a lifetime."